About The Award

The award was created to recognize Westbrook Republicans who, with honor and dignity, have made a positive contribution to their community. 
The award is named for John A. Holbrook who served with distinction as First Selectman of Westbrook, was elected to the House of Representatives and the State Senate.  

During World War II, Mr. Holbrook  served as a Major in the Army and was appointed as the Military Governor of Stuttgart Germany.

The event is held each spring at beautiful Water's Edge Resort & Spa in Westbrook. We are proud to recognize two outstanding Westbrook residents and one Corporate Citizen in his name each year.


2019 Holbrook Dinner

The 2019 Holbrook Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday, June 6th in Westbrook at Water's Edge Inn and Resort. This year the Republican Town Committee will honor David Russell and Nancy Moore.

The WRTC is pleased to announce that Clark Group is the 2019 recipient of the Holbrook Dinner Corporate Citizen Award

This year's keynote speaker will be Westbrook High School Senior Katelyn Wallace.


Past Award Winners

2000 2001
  Don Morrison & Evelyn Smith          Paul Brache & Violet Brache       
2002 2003
   Ed Binder & Johanna Schneider        John Doane & Alice Lynch      
2004 2005
  George Rehberg & Ethel Erickson         Rannells King & Edie Riggio      
2006 2007
  Robert Kindt & Mildred Clements         Albert Cyphers & Jeanne Lovejoy      
2008 2009
  John Ferrara & Marilyn Maynard         George Pytlik & Paula Ferrara      
2010 2011
  Walter Carlson & Lucile Spanilo         Lew Daniels & Barbara Reeve      
2012 2013
  Paul Connelly & Melody Oryl        Harry Ruppenicker, Sr & Norma Roman      
2014 2015
  Lester Scott & Marilyn Giuliano        Phil Bassett & Tanya Lane      
2016 2017
  Dennis Allen & Katherine Bishop        Phil Bassett & Darlene Briggs      
  Thomas Elliot & Catherine Neidlinger Doane                 

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