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  1. Red state Dems’ hypocritical reality

    WASHINGTON – Democrats are bragging about shutting down the government, threatening CHIP funding for 8.9 million children nationwide, cutting off funding for our troops and hurting our seniors by taking away the programs they have earned and deserve. Red state Democrats who go along with the Schumer Shutdown after warning about a government shutdown’s consequences for years are […]

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  2. pants on fire

    In what has become a strange pattern, Claire McCaskill once again took to Twitter and just kind of made stuff up. McCaskill’s false tweet about the history of government shutdowns is just the latest in a series of bizarre, easily disprovable lies. Last year, McCaskill was fact checked for lying on Twitter about her history […]

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  3. No Bob, a shutdown won’t stop your trial

    In the middle of his effort to shut down the government and take health insurance away from 230,960 New Jersey children, accused felon Bob Menendez got some really bad news: the United States Department of Justice will retry him on charges of bribery and corruption. Menendez’s new bribery trial is likely to take place as […]

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  4. 82,693

    What’s the deal with Debbie Stabenow’s silence? With 82,693 Michigan kids set to lose their health insurance (CHIP) thanks to Senate Democrats’ government shutdown, folks deserve to know if Stabenow will foolishly join them.   Senate Dems are outrageously bragging about their shutdown efforts which will take away health insurance from 8.9 million kids across the […]

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  5. Sherrod Brown gave me the flu

    Yesterday, Sherrod Brown shared some helpful tips from the CDC on staying healthy during flu season. But his decision to vote for the Schumer Shutdown threatens to suspend the CDC’s influenza program. If Brown and his Democrat colleagues get their way, the government will shut down at midnight, shuttering vital government programs, including the flu […]

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  6. knock it off

    Jon Tester sure has changed since being in charge of the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm (DSCC) during the 2016 election cycle. See, in 2013, Tester said that a government shutdown was “putting a drag on the economy” and to “knock it off.” Tester also said in 2013 that we need a “government that’s running and operating and that the lights […]

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  7. Brown calls for #SchumerShutdown

    Sherrod Brown announced that he will vote to shut down the federal government and take health insurance away from 223,583 Ohio children when the continuing resolution comes up for a vote today. Brown’s decision to throw our troops, children and seniors under the bus comes just a day after he said in a radio interview […]

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  8. no more excuses

    Senate Democrats are openly bragging about their plans to shut down the government and endanger funding for our troops and 8.9 million children who rely on CHIP, but so far Senator Heitkamp has refused to take a position. As of yesterday, Heitkamp had told reporters, “You tell me what’s coming across (from the House) if anything.” Well, after the House passed […]

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  9. unclear

    With 171,552 children in Wisconsin in jeopardy of losing their health insurance thanks to Senate Democrats’ shutdown, you would think Tammy Baldwin would tell voters how she intends to vote. But mum is the word from Baldwin. Talk about a real profile in courage. Will Baldwin join Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats in shutting down the government? […]

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  10. can’t hear ya, Nelson

    Bill Nelson sure must be exhausted from his temper tantrums lately, because he can’t seem to be bothered with telling folks where he is at on the Senate Democrats’ government shutdown. Check out this tweet from Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times. The Democrats’ shutdown will take away health insurance for 374,884 Florida children, […]

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