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  1. Mexico Joe’s Summer

    Summer is here and Hoosiers across Indiana are excited for summer vacations and a chance to soak up some sun. As the weather heats up, Hoosiers are stocking up on the necessities for a fun filled summer. Mexico Joe Donnelly’s family business sent Hoosier jobs to Mexico, where they could pay workers a whopping $4.70 […]

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  2. Will Sen. Baldwin fund the troops?

    As the Senate prepares to pass legislation to fund our military, pay for our national defense and provide a much-need pay raise for our troops, it’s worth asking Senator Baldwin where she stands on supporting our military and providing the tools we need to defeat ISIS. Senator Baldwin has a long history of opposing funding […]

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  3. did you see who Manchin was with today?

    Joe Manchin was in Bridgeport today and guess who was on the trail with him? Fentanyl maker Mylan’s very own top lobbyist Larry Puccio! See it for yourself here. Looks like Joe hasn’t realized that bringing a drug company lobbyist/Manchin’s partner in shady, tax delinquent hotel businesses that garnered tons of bad headlines – and […]

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  4. Two-Faced Tester Caught Misleading Voters in Whitefish

    In Whitefish this weekend, Senator Tester was apparently working overtime to deceive voters about his liberal record in Washington on almost every issue from border security to energy and dark money in politics. Take at look Two-Faced Tester’s double-talk in his interview with the Montana Broadcasters. On Sanctuary Cities… Speaking to the Montana Broadcasters Association, […]

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  5. the proof is in our paychecks

    Vice President Mike Pence was in Michigan on Friday to tour a construction company that has benefited from the GOP tax cuts. The head of the company said they are hiring workers and have doubled profit sharing for employees, all thanks to the historic GOP tax cuts that Sen. Debbie Stabenow voted against. As ABC […]

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  6. Heidi ❤’s Hillary

    Cramer for Senate released a new television ad today that highlights Heidi Heitkamp’s over-the-top support for failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. While Kevin Cramer was one of President Trump’s earliest supporters, Heitkamp went all-in for Hillary proclaiming, “We are supporting Hillary Clinton, because she is going to be one of the greatest presidents of the […]

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  7. Pence in OH: “Sherrod Brown voted no.”

    While in Columbus on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence tore into Ohio’s far-left Senator Sherrod Brown for opposing the GOP tax cuts that are allowing countless workers across the Buckeye State to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. Pence blasted Brown for voting against the cuts and for failing to put Ohioans first, saying, “time and […]

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  8. ICYMI: Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High

    A new Gallup report out today shows Americans are REALLY happy with the direction of the country. The GOP tax cuts have unleashed U.S. economic growth, and overall satisfaction in the U.S. has reached a 12 year high. According to the Gallup survey, U.S. economic satisfaction has topped 35% three times this year – a […]

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  9. lacks a defining moment

    Another Monday, another bad start to the week for Bill Nelson. The career politician woke up to a new article detailing how Democrats are growing more and more worried over the state of his barely-there campaign. The nonpartisan Cook’s Political Report even stated, “there are days when I think he’s the most vulnerable incumbent.” On top of that, Rick […]

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  10. NRSC Launches New Ad Highlighting Senator Heller’s Work for Veterans

    The NRSC is launching a new statewide digital ad today touting the results Senator Heller has delivered for Nevada’s veterans. During his time in office, Senator Heller has made veterans’ health care a top priority, ensuring they receive the care they earned and deserve. Heller’s tireless efforts have led to major improvements for veterans’ health […]

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