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  1. All the walls have got to go?

    Talk about bad timing. The same week Mexico Joe Donnelly went on TV to attempt to hoodwink Hoosiers into believing that, despite his pro-amnesty record, he was on the Trump-Pence administration’s side on immigration, he’s getting fundraising help from anti-wall extremist Cory Booker. Booker, who was recently photographed holding a sign reading “From Palestine to […]

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  2. Bredesen changes his tune

    Phil Bredesen is getting desperate. Facing intense pressure from his opponent, Marsha Blackburn, Bredesen is trying to reverse decades of liberal positions on taxes and pull the wool over the eyes of Tennessee voters. Despite the GOP tax cuts saving hardworking Tennesseans thousands of dollars and spurring a rash of Tennessee businesses to dole out […]

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  3. UNDER FIRE: What they’re saying about Tester’s despicable campaign poster

    Senator Tester has refused to personally condemn the violent poster advertising his campaign concert with Pearl Jam which depicted a gruesome image of President Trump’s dead body lying in front of the burning White House. Yet, as Senator Tester has remained conspicuously silent, he’s not only given his tacit endorsement to the far-left’s unhinged calls […]

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  4. Tester Won’t Stand Up to the Unhinged Left

    Two-faced Tester has been in politics long enough to know how to play the game: say what he needs to get elected, but do what his liberal party bosses want when he’s in D.C. But this week, Tester’s been hit with a big dose of reality. He’s a Democrat running for reelection in a state […]

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  5. TV AD: Claire’s Business Plan

    The NRSC is up with a new TV ad this morning, further highlighting Claire McCaskill getting rich at taxpayers’ expense. Claire McCaskill and her husband have quite the business plan. Since McCaskill took office, her husband’s low income housing businesses have received $131 million in federal subsidies. And thanks to taxpayers’ generosity, the Washington power […]

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  6. McCaskill raising $$$ off of hacking attempt

    Surprise, surprise. A couple weeks after reporting that attempts were made to hack her office, Claire McCaskill is using the incident to raise campaign cash. The Free Beacon reports that McCaskill’s beach buddy, Democratic Party boss Chuck Schumer, sent a fundraising email on her behalf, asking donors to send money to “fight back” against the […]

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  7. This doesn’t make sense

    Bill Nelson’s attempts to explain his alarming claim that Russia already penetrated some for Florida’s voter registration system still don’t make sense. Remember, Bill Nelson’s exact words were that Russians “have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about.” He also said this was happening “right now” […]

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  8. Sleepin’ Joe keeping his powder dry

    Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly finally got around to meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh after intense pressure from his opponent, Mike Braun, but he’s continuing to follow the lead of his Democratic Party boss, Chuck Schumer. According to reports, Schumer has instructed red state Democrats to, “Keep your powder dry. Don’t commit. Stay as neutral as you […]

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  9. farming for the truth

    Debbie Stabenow was in full spin mode today at the Michigan Farm Bureau as she faces the race of her life. Clearly rattled by her opponent, John James, Stabenow decided to lie about her record in Washington. What Stabenow left out while addressing the group is that she voted multiple times for the Death Tax […]

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  10. ⚠ Sinema Gone Missing ⚠

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, citizens are encouraged to contact their local reporters or Sinema’s staff, who apparently have no idea where she’s disappeared to. National Journal reports that Kyrsten Sinema has gone into hiding from the press and that even her own staff were “unable to name the last campaign […]

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