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  1. New ad: Tester’s sleazy smears

    The NRSC went up with a new television ad in Montana this morning, hammering Jon Tester for the sleazy smear campaign he waged against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats have stopped at nothing to obstruct President Trump, releasing unverified allegations, spreading lies and yet Jon Tester has stood by them every step of the way. Now, […]

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  2. NEW AD: Circus

    A new ad from the NRSC continues to drive home the message that with his vote against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Mexico Joe Donnelly proved once and for all that his loyalty lies with Democrats in Washington, not Hoosiers. The ad reminds Hoosiers that the left turned the confirmation process for Justice Kavanaugh into a circus, […]

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  3. Sinema falters, shows Arizonans they can’t trust her

    Kyrsten Sinema faltered in tonight’s debate against Martha McSally, showing Arizonans exactly why they can’t afford to elect her to the United States Senate. Sinema tried (and failed) to spin her comments encouraging Americans to join the Taliban, failed to explain why she insulted Arizonans and called her state the “meth lab of democracy,” and […]

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  4. she dabbled in witchcraft

    Just when you thought the Kyrsten Sinema saga couldn’t get any more bizarre after she encouraged Americans to join the Taliban, called Arizona the “meth lab of democracy” and compared the deaths of American soldiers to illegal immigrants, think again. The Washington Examiner reports Sinema literally summoned witches to her anti-war rally and encouraged them […]

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  5. Steaks and bribes

    Hillary Clinton is continuing her comeback tour today, coming to the Garden State to raise money for disgraced former Senator Bob Menendez at a Jersey City steakhouse. After declaring that civility must be abandoned in politics until Democrats regain power, Hillary continues to defy norms by campaigning for a corrupt politician who was indicted by […]

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  6. After calling AZ a “meth lab,” Sinema now says AZ is “the best state”

    Kyrsten Sinema is hitting the panic button after footage surfaced late last week showing her calling Arizona the “meth lab of democracy” and mocking the voters of her state as “crazy” to out-of-state liberal groups. Sensing the damage her comments are having on her failing campaign, Sinema cut a full 60-second ad loaded with beautiful […]

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  7. Stabenow fails to shake her ineffective record

    Career politician Debbie Stabenow has failed to deliver for Michigan time and again, and her record stood in stark contrast to John James in today’s debate in Detroit. For decades, Stabenow oversaw the destruction of Detroit’s auto industry alongside Jennifer Granholm and has been a reliable rubber stamp for the liberal left. Combat veteran John […]

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  8. McCaskill attacks Hawley’s child

    Something alarming is going on in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton encouraged Democrats to abandon civility until they won back Congress. Eric Holder told Democrats that “When they go low, we kick them.” Maxine Waters encouraged Democrats to attack Republicans in public anywhere they found them. And now, Claire McCaskill has joined her fellow Democrats […]

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  9. Casey stoops to new low

    In the closing weeks of the campaign, it appears that Bob Casey has decided to follow the advice of Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and scrape rock bottom in a dishonest attack on Lou Barletta. Casey is now running an attack ad claiming that Barletta wants to strip health care from two children, twins, who […]

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  10. on Chuck’s payroll

    Phil Bredesen has repeatedly tried to distance himself from New York liberal Chuck Schumer, but a new report from the Tennessee Star reveals how integral Schumer is to Bredesen’s campaign. According to the report, the Schumer-controlled DSCC has shelled out $1 million to fund the Tennessee Democratic Party and pay for 61 staffers. This new […]

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