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  1. Against Political Trials
    K.S. Bruce, RealClearLife
    Even if Paul Manafort turns out to be guilty, let's agree on this. Political trials are bad for our democracy. A political trial is any trial in which the prosecution is unusually severe because the defendant participates in the political process, or because the defendant has a friend, associate or family member who participates in the & Continue reading
  2. Did Trump Save America From Socialism?
    Steve Baldwin, The American Spectator
  3. Trump's War on Regulation Is Trickle-Down Economics
    Robert Reich, Am. Prospect
  4. The Virtues of Catholic Anger
    James Martin, New York Times
  5. In the Face of Horror, Catholic Church Is Worried About PR
    Sohrab Ahmari, NY Post
  6. America's Newspapers Just Played Right Into Trump's Hands
    Jack Shafer, Politico
    Nothing flatters an independent journalist less than the sight of him forming a line to drink from the same fountain as his colleagues.
  7. Why a Free Press Matters
    Rather & Kirschner, The Atlantic
  8. When Aretha Franklin Proved She Was Greatest Diva Ever
    Kevin Fallon, Daily Beast
    A look back at the 1998 performance of ‘Natural Woman,’ when Franklin’s barn-burning vocals destroyed Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and a stage of divas, cementing her GOAT status.
  9. What Must Survive a Corrupt Catholic Church
    Rod Dreher, New York Times
  10. Trump and Media Group-Think
    Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
    Today is the day that some 300 U.S. newspapers heeded the Boston Globe’s call for an organized demonstration against President Trump. The protest consists of editorials and columns denouncing the president for his frequent characterizations that the “fake media” is the “enemy of the American people.”
  11. Why Trump Could Be Toxic for Republicans at Midterms
    David Smith, The Guardian
    The biggest losers from Trump’s policies are likely to be his supporters, and observers say it could herald a blue wave
  12. Three Big Lessons From the Primaries This Week
    Newt Gingrich, FOX News
    The first is that President Trump's power in the Republican primaries continues to be extraordinary.
  13. Liberal-Controlled Cities Have Let Down Black Americans
    Walter Williams, Townhall
    In addition, there are sky-high rates of burglaries, rapes and property destruction.
  14. School Choice Is the Enemy of Justice
    Erin Kaplan, New York Times
    Today Los Angeles and California as a whole have abandoned integration as the chief mechanism of school reform and embraced charter schools instead.
  15. Obamacare Forgot About You. But Trump Didn't.
    Alex Azar, Washington Post
    For all the discussion of Obamacare since its passage, it is too rarely known that the law effectively split the United States’ individual insurance market in two .