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  1. Megyn Kelly, NBC & the Cost of Trump Derangement Syndrome
  2. 'Dragon Energy'? What Is Kanye Thinking?
    Vann Newkirk, The Atlantic
  3. Why Trump Treats Immigrant Kids Cruelly--Because He Can
    Nicholas Kristof, NYT
    The administration is fine with taking children away from their parents.
  4. Liberals and the Race Card: They Don't Leave Home Without It
  5. Macron on Trump's Worldview: Non!
    E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
  6. France's President Makes Trump Look Like the Statesman
    Seth Lipsky, NY Post
  7. Robert Mueller's Last Resort
    Tye & Zaid, New York Times
    There are legal ways to disclose classified information. If we face a constitutional crisis, Mueller and his staff should take advantage of them.
  8. Comey, Mueller and the Fruits of a Poisonous Tree
    Mark Penn, The Hill
  9. The Deep Roots of Trump's War on the Press
    Tim Alberta, Politico
    ou couldn’t miss it. Arriving in Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention, visitors found themselves staring at an enormous white billboard, slapped across the top of a tall concrete building in the city’s bustling downtown, screaming a simple directive: “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA!”
  10. Why Is NBC News Endorsing Joy-Ann Reid's Cover-Up?
    Tucker Carlson, FOX News
    Tucker Carlson delivers commentary on NBC News backing Joy Reid on her anti-gay blog posts from the mid- to late-2000s.
  11. Trump's Meeting With Kim Will Lead to an Awful Hangover
    Jamie Metzl, CNN
    If their goal is to eliminate North Korea's nuclear weapons threat, the planned talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are doomed before they even begin.
  12. Trump Deserves a Nobel Prize. Obama Got One for Less
    Evan Berryhill, DC Examiner
    Assuming the criteria to win the Nobel Peace Prize is the same today as it was when former President Barack Obama won the award less than one full year into his first term in 2009, President Trump should be the fifth U.S. president to win the award.
  13. We Need a Secretary of State Critically. I Still Oppose Pompeo
    Sen. Ben Cardin, WP
    Do we need a confirmed secretary of state? Of course. Should the Senate confirm any nominee a president puts forward for consideration on that principle alone? Absolutely not.
  14. So Long, California. Sayonara, New York
    Laffer & Moore, Wall Street Journal
    Blue states will lose millions of people in the years to come—and they aren’t ready.
  15. Kanye West Doesn't Care About Black People
    Damon Young, The Root
    Last year Panama Jackson, a man who, in the 14 years that we’ve known each other, has become one of my best friends, published a piece about his mother’s support of Donald Trump, and revealed how that ruined his relationship with her.

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