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  1. IG's Report Confirms a Lot That Democrats Won't Like
    Ed Rogers, Washington Post
  2. How Trump Just Ended the Cold War for Good
    James Pinkerton, American Conservative
    He's the man astride the world stage now, shaking hands, signing dealsâ??and unmistakably remaking the old order.
  3. Trump's Comments on Kim Betray American Values
    Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
  4. Free-Market Republicans Can't Ignore Blue-Collar Voters
  5. Trump's Backwards Interpretation of the IG Report
    Scott Lemieux, The Week
    Trump claims the inspector general's report about the FBI vindicates him. That's completely absurd.
  6. Shell-Shocked Dems Regroup in Wisconsin
    David Siders, Politico
    Donald Trump's stunning 2016 victory in the state sparked an urgent recovery mission.
  7. The End of Civil Rights
    Vann Newkirk, The Atlantic
    Across immigration, policing, criminal justice, and voting rights, the attorney general is pushing an agenda that could erase many of the legal gains of modern America's defining movement.
  8. The Migrant Crisis Is About More Than Just Kids
    Ben Domenech, The Federalist
    The Mexican cartel uses migrants to flood the zone and distract Border Patrol from their efforts to smuggle opioids and other drugs across.
  9. In the Balkans, a Chance to Stabilize Europe
    George & Alexander Soros, New York Times
    It has taken almost 25 years to get an agreement between the governments in Athens and Skopje on what to call the entity once known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
  10. The Revolt Against the Open Door Comes to Germany
    Richard Fernandez, PJ Media
    It has been said a nation can have either welfare or open borders -- but not both -- in the same way one can have a cool air-conditioned room in a blazing desert or an open door -- but not both.
  11. Trump's Immigration Policy Gets Its Moral Reckoning
    Krishnadev Calamur, Atlantic
    The U.S. government has separated some 2,000 children from their families in the past six weeks. Over the past 48 hours, a chorus of influential voices, including former first lady Laura Bush, have spoken out against the practice.
  12. Laura Bush & the Democrats' BS Propaganda Effort
    Thomas Lifson, American Thinker
    The reason for the separations is that their parents have been arrested for violating our law. Just like American citizens who are arrested.
  13. Why Iran Will Choose to Negotiate With Trump
    Zalmay Khalilzad, Washington Post
    The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and a subsequent speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have engendered a range of responses: Some welcomed the new hard line, but most expressed concern and criticism.
  14. Trump's Envy of Kim Jong-un
    Roger Cohen, New York Times
    I’ve just watched footage of Donald Trump saluting a North Korean general, and it occurs to me that what’s really going on here is that the president is envious of Kim Jong-un, who has the absolute authority to execute his uncle with antiaircraft machine guns, consign tens of thousands of people to the gulag, and rule through a personality cult based on ruthless indoctrination.
  15. No, Trump Has Not Been 'Exonerated' on Russia
    Caroline Fredrickson, USA Today
    Donald Trump falsely claimed the Clinton email report cleared him on Russia, even as Paul Manafort was headed for jail. Congress must set the record straight.

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