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  1. Dem Makes Definitive Case Against Impeaching Trump
    Ben Weingarten, Federalist
    Twenty years ago, Jerrold Nadler argued in Congress that impeaching the president based on private, consensual sex was a 'partisan coup d'etat.'
  2. Trump Is Coming Apart--Can Dems Come Together?
    Robert Kuttner, Am. Prospect
    It’s understandable that the Democratic infighting has already begun. But given the stakes, can’t we have some kind of arms-control pact?
  3. It's Time to Admit This Is a Successful Presidency
    Steve Hilton, FOX News
    Can Trump haters on the left and the right just focus on the facts?
  4. Trump Delivering for Conservatives on the Judiciary
    Andrew Gawthorpe, The Guardian
    With an unusually high number of appointments in federal courts, Trump could profoundly remake large parts of American life
  5. Who Killed The Weekly Standard?
    David Brooks, New York Times
    The bureaucratic mind has a temporary triumph.
  6. Weekly Standard's Death Signals Rebirth of the Right
    Chris Buskirk, Am Greatness
    Neoconservatism is dead, long live American conservatism. That’s what I thought when I learned The Weekly Standard would be shuttered by longtime owner Clarity Media.
  7. If Macron Fails, Europe Fails
    Henrik Enderlein, Der Spiegel
    French President Emmanuel Macron has tried to calm protesters by raising the minimum wage, among other concessions. But if the yellow vests continue eroding his authority, it's not just France that will suffer. And Germany is partly at fault.
  8. The Twilight of Human-Rights Diplomacy
    Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal
    President Trump’s abandonment of democracy promotion and human rights is among the most striking of his departures from the post-Cold War American foreign-policy consensus.
  9. Prospects for US-China Relations in 2019
    Kevin Rudd, Asia Times
    Throughout 2018, much of Asia has been shaken by the new and increasingly unpredictable dynamics in Sino-American relations.
  10. California Companies Flee Business-Hostile State In Droves
  11. Totalitarian Regimes Will Use Social Media to Destroy the West
    Seth Frantzman, JP
    Porous borders and radio waves and other methods enabled people to learn what was happening outside of various police states, such as the Soviet empire.
  12. Paging All Prosecutors to Chicago's 13th Ward
  13. Russian Meddling Worse Than We Knew
  14. Time To Reject General Flynn's Guilty Plea
  15. It's Time for the Media to Ban Kellyanne
    Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post
    Lies are coming at the American public in torrents — raining down on them everywhere they turn.