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  1. Fake News Matched Only By Fake Indian's Fake Math
    Howie Carr, Boston Herald
    So Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian — the evidence is in, her own evidence, as vague as it is, and it proves what all of us have been saying since 2012. She's not an Indian according to the bylaws of the various Indian nations. She doesn't meet Bureau of Indian Affairs standards. She … is … not … an … Indian. Period. Elizabeth Warren — fake Indian. It's settled science, as her credulous supporters like to say.
  2. Dem Poster Boys Bloomberg, Baldwin Energize GOP
  3. Germany's Shrinking Political Center
  4. Who Needs Saudi Arabia?
  5. Trump's Approval Rating Is Better Than You Think
  6. Elizabeth Warren Will Not Let Donald Trump Define Her
    Joan Walsh, The Nation
    And that's the fundamental point of a powerful video on her heritage.
  7. Dem Senate Hopes Rest on Two Old White Men
    Ben Jacobs, The Guardian
  8. Martha McSally's Under-the-Radar Surge
    David Byler, The Weekly Standard
  9. Liberal Media Confuses Mob Rule & Peaceful Protest
    Bernard Kerik, USA Today
  10. We're Staying Silent Out of Fear
    Charles Lane, Washington Post
  11. Proxy Battle Over Expanded Short-Term Health Plans
    Alfredo Ortiz, RealClearPolitics
  12. Held Hostage by Health Insurance
    Kurt Eichenwald, New York Times
  13. How Trump Cleans Up the Saudi Mess
    John Bradley, Spectator USA
  14. Evil Speaks, Trump Mumbles Response
    Errol Louis, NY Daily News
    Shocking reports about the possible assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi underscore the need for the public...
  15. I'm Native American and I Have Some Questions for Warren

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